Our Boat

The boat was at first used for waterfall exploration. That is the reason for its very odd shape. In fact, there were only four of these boats made. Two destroyed during the fall of Yugoslavia. One completely covered in rust due to poor maintenance.

That makes our boat very special and one of a kind.

All information displayed here is also available at TOB. TOB stands for Tourism Organization of Belgrade. Their office is at the end of the Knez Mihailova street. The main walking street.

Video Tour

Our boat has been in tourism for the past 20 years. Before it was more of a local attraction. But as tourism grew over the years and everybody wanted to get a dose of authentic Serbian experience, we shifted our focus to the very people who come here to explore our beautiful city. And it’s been like that for many years now. Every year we have over fifteen thousand people aboard. In 2018 alone we had people from a hundred different countries. We even have returning customers! Come and join us on our journey!