To begin with, a couple of things you need to know about Belgrade. Why it’s so special and more importantly, what is there to see?

Well firstly, Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. Its age goes all the way back to 7000 BC. Secondly, it has a cool fortress that sits on top of a hill. Between two big rivers. Sava and Danube. In fact, the Danube is the second longest river in Europe!

There were many wars fought for this city. Over 115 battles. Moreover, they say the city got destroyed 44 times. Yet it still got rebuilt again. These are some the main reasons why it has such a rich history behind it.

Now, after almost 10.000 years of its existence, you have a unique chance. See the entire city and 30 of it’s most famous monuments from a boat! In the middle of the day, during the city rush hour!


All in all, you will see some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. At first, the medieval Kalemegdan Fortress. Then, the impressive Victor Symbol. The preserved Great War Island. The communist Buildings of New Belgrade. Afterward, the beautiful Millennium Tower in Zemun. Then, the exclusive Belgrade Waterfront. All eight bridges of the city and, in the end, the new Ada Bridge!

This is just to name a few of course. Imagine what ten thousand years of history could have done! From the end of the Stone Age all the way to the 21st century. Belgrade must have seen it all.


Boat Tour at 4 P.M.

Our boat tour has the longest route in Belgrade. 18 kilometers, in one hour and a half.

At 3:30 P.M. we meet at our Meeting Point. The meeting point is at the main entrance of the Kalemegdan Fortress. From there, we walk 10-15 minutes down to the boat, which is just below the fortress. No need to go to the other side of the city.

At 4 P.M. we departure so by 5:30 P.M. we’re back. We start off from Beton Hall. Then go into Danube, cruise all around the Great War Island to Zemun. Next to the Grand Casino and the Little Horse Island. Back to the Sava river. Down under the famous Branko’s Bridge and all the way up to the new Ada Bridge.

Our cruise is a round trip so we won’t make any stops. At the end of the tour, we come back to the same place we started off from. Besides the Day Tour, you can choose between the Sunset Tour and the Night Tour. Also, you can rent out the whole boat for yourself.

See the video below.

What’s on board?

Our boat comes equipped with everything you need for a relaxing cruise.

A live tour guide, who tells you the most interesting stories about Belgrade. Unique views, from our big panoramic windows. Not numbered seats, so you may sit wherever you want. Also, you can choose between our indoor cabin with two floors or the outdoor deck. Sit on the nose or at the back of the boat. We have helpful staff. Free WiFi. A toilet on the first floor, and, of course, a full bar serving with refreshing drinks. Come and explore the city with us!

Price Options

Adults : 1500 RSD ≈ 12.5 EUR
Children (0-7 years) : Free Free
Children (7-12 years) : 750 RSD ≈ 6.5 EUR
Students : 1350 RSD ≈ 11.5 EUR

Please note :
* Cruise tickets must be paid in RSD (Republic of Serbia Dinar). We accept cash only.
** You must show your student ID card in order to get a discounted price.

Don't miss out! Reserve your seat now!

The maximum capacity of the boat is only 45 people. Make sure to reserve your seats on time!

About Us

Our company has been in tourism for over 20 years. You can trust us to provide you with the best sightseeing experience there is. Each year we have over 15 thousand people aboard our boat!

The boat was first built for waterfall exploration. That is the reason for its odd shape. There were only four of these boats made. Two got destroyed in the war and one is now covered in rust. That makes our boat the only one left of the original four. That’s why it’s so special and one of a kind.

All information displayed here is also available at TOB. TOB stands for Tourism Organization of Belgrade. Their office is at the end of the Knez Mihailova street. The main walking street.