Belgrade  3

Cruise Belgrade 3 is  more then 15 years in tourist service with more than  amazing   100 000 guests on our tours ! That makes this boat real very attractive in our city and unique experience what you shouldn't miss ! This boat has live guide on english and serbian language in 15 km long route passes Zemun & Gardosh tower.

 this week


 20 JUNE Saturday

  7:30 PM  SUNSET 


CRUISE BELGRADE 3 boat  do round trip to Zemun town and  Gardosh tower and turning back by Danube river through the Sava river until  Ada Bridge . 

Unique opportunity to see "Belgrade's Montmartre" from a river view and communist architecture of the New Belgrade next to Gardosh tower .
Kalemegdan fortress, Nebojsha tower, Great War Island-national reserve for 67 different kind of birds, confluence of Sava & Danube, Novak Djokovic tennis school and courts,Lido beach, Victor monument-official symbol city, Zemun & Gardosh .
Sava port and Beton Hall, Church of St. Michael and Serbian Patriarchy, 6 bridges,"splavs"-night life places on water , Belgrade waterfront project-luxury part of the city,Belgrade's fair hall, Royal down town.
Definitely best 1 hour and 30 minutes sunset  tour in Belgrade city on Sava & Danube rivers with gift of  two souvenirs magnets included in price - join us now and spend unforgettable moments in our amazing city!


Online price


2950 dinars

25 €

  • 15 km route

  • LIve tour guide

  • Zemun & Gardosh

  • All around the Great War Island tour

  • All 8 bridges

  •   Unforgettable sunset view & photos

  •  Tourist attraction

  • Sava & Danube

  •  Communist architecture 

  • Ask for gift code and get unlimited soft drinks

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2950 DINARs

25 €

  •  15 km route 

  • LIve tour guide

  •  Zemun & Gardosh

  •  Around the Great War Island tour

  •  All 8 bridges

  • Day view

  • Tourist attraction

  • Sava & Danube

  •  Communist architecture 

  •  Unique look

  • Ask for gift code and get unlimited soft drinks

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249 € / 1 h 

  •  Minimum rent

  • 1 hour

  •  Perfect for small groups until 45 persons 

  •  Team buildings, bachelor parties , friends and families 

  •  Tourist attraction

  •  Zemun & Gardosh

  •  All around the Great War Island tour option available 

  •  LIve tour guide optional

  •  Sava & Danube